Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

field improvement

Afte my last projekt I wanted to build an easy kit oob to relax. Afte a view at my smal stock of kits I saw, that I there was only two kits without much after market products.
A King Tiger with Zimmerit from Dragon and the old AFV 88. But there was no idea for one of these kits, so I seached a while in the internet until I found the picture of the 88 on Pz IV...

Yes, this is what I want to do...only a little bit bigger. *smile*

I know, it´s like a little bit of fantasy, but I liked the idea.
Only the plan to build something oob without aftermaktproduct dont worked and so I used:

Dragon Kingtiger with Zimmerit
AFV 88 Flak
Eduard etched part set Jagdtiger and some leftovers which I still had in stock, so I had to supplemented the Dragon etched parts
Eduard fender set
Voyager anti Aircraft Armor
Verlinden Interior
Friul tracks
2 sets of armorscale brass ammo

And this is what came out (still not ready):


  1. Unglaublich!!!! This isn´t model´s engineering!! Wonderfull build...

  2. Thank you Paul. All in all the build was a plenty of fun!

    best regards