Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Hetzer revival


quite recently I had a look at my display case and saw a model of my Hetzer in poor state.
At the same time I got another Hetzer to paint for a friend on my workbench. So I decided to restore my old one and paint the two models together.

However my Hetzer had an complete paintet interior, which I wanted to save. So I striped the color with an old brush and turpentine.
The ground level is not 100%, so I had a perfect model to try some things.

But there was no original camouflageto to find which pleased me and so I used my own interpretation of an 1946 one.
Maybe a little bit freaky, but I like the result.

Thats what came out.

best regards


  1. Not freaky at looks very effective

  2. I agree, it looks even a bit futuristic. Cool paint job.